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Camping in Hickory Run State Park

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hickory Run State Park is 15,990 acres of wilderness located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. The state park includes a campground with 381 campsites as well as several cottages and wider campgrounds for larger groups of people. The campground is broken into loops and the full campground map with site details can be found here.

Every campsite is different in shape and dimensions but all have mostly the same square footage. All campsites should also include a fire pit with a metal grill attached for cooking over the fire and a picnic table. Here is what ours looked like:

Hickory Run State Park Campground

What to do Outside the Campground

Boulder Field

The Hickory Run boulder field is an 18-acre field of rocks formed thousands of years ago. In 1967, the boulder field was designated as a national natural landmark.

Hickory Run State Park Boulder Field

Getting to the Boulder Field

There is a 6.2 mile, out-and-back trail, that will take you to the boulder field


You can drive about 15-20 minute drive down a windy one-way road through the woods, which will lead you to boulder field. (On the drive to the boulder field, you will pass Hickory Run Lake, which is worth a stop if you aren't in a rush).

Hawk Falls

Hawk Falls, Hickory Run State Park

Hawk Falls can be accessed by the 1-mile out-and-back hike that is Hawk Falls trail. This trail head is located in the parking lot across from the boulder field trail head, so its easy to take advantage of both of these sites in one day. Try to get there early if you wish to go when there are less people, as I've seen it get very crowded in the afternoon.

Shades of Death Trail

I did not hike this trail so I can't tell you how great or poor the trail is, but it seems to be one of the more popular hikes in the park. This hike is a 2.2 mile out-and-back trail with a total elevation gain of less than 300 feet. There is a very pretty waterfall located on this trail that is great for photos.

As I said, I didn't hike this trail so I don't have any pictures of the trail or waterfall to provide, but if you're interested, I definitely recommend that you check this trail out!

Kayaking on Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony, Hickory Run State Park

Lake Harmony is located about 15-20 minutes from the campground and can be a great place to visit for some kayaking. Be aware that much of the lake is privately owned so there aren't many places to drop-in. We were fortunate enough to know a worker a Split Rock Resort so we dropped right in with no issues. There is a place called "The Yeti Hut" at Split Rock Resort that rents out kayaks and paddle boards, so call them if you have any questions about kayaking!

What to do at the Campground

- Cook some Food

- Read a Book

- Lay in a Hammock

- Chill Out

My favorite part about camping trips like this is that you have no responsibilities! Sometimes our lives get so hectic where we're constantly on the move and we forget how to chill out! So take a breather, forget about work and stress for a little, and enjoy your time just chillin' in nature.

What to Pack

So on a camping trip like this, you'll want to be equipped with everything you'll need for the whole time you're there. Here's a list of the items I feel are most important to bring (but I encourage you to pack whatever else you feel necessary):

Camp Stuff

- Tent (or RV)

- Sleeping Bag/Blankets

- Pillows

- Lanterns

- Bug Spray

- Portable Chargers

- Hammock

- Book

- Speaker for Music

- Lighter Fluid/Fire Starter/Cardboard

- Lighter

-Firewood (Sold at Camp Store)

Food Stuff

- Cast Iron Pan

- Tin Foil

- Dish Soap/Sponge

- Pan Spray

-Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner of your choice

If you forget something or break something, do not fear! The campground has a camp store that has almost anything you may need. They offer several food products that can be cooked over the fire including hamburgers and hot dogs. We visited the camp store several times for lots of fire wood and to replace a broken bungee cord. The wood comes in bundles as seen above and you will almost certainly need to visit the store for firewood.

You're gonna love it!

Make sure to reserve your campsite in advance as many of the sites may already be reserved for the dates you are looking to go!

Thanks for reading! If you found this helpful, I encourage you to Like, Comment, and Share the article! Also, let me know how your trip went, I'd love to hear all about it!

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